Vintage Vine 100

Wine Bar + interior build-out

Cool Springs/Franklin, TN


An Eclectic and Inviting Wine Bar.

Vintage Vine 100 owner and resident sommelier Darlene Bailey Thompson wanted to create a singular space with an upscale atmosphere where she could introduce customers to the world’s best wines and serve them carefully selected small plates.


Darlene sees wine-making as the intersection of farming, science and art—a combination of disciplines she holds dear. Bringing together modern, vintage and rustic elements would give Vintage Vine 100 an ambience that was both sophisticated and welcoming.


Mood boards were created to capture the feeling of high-end comfort Darlene was picturing. Lighting was particularly important, as Vintage Vine 100 would need to set the scene not only for cozy get-togethers but also wine tastings and wine appreciation classes. Paradym’s designers set out to maximize the wine bar’s _____ square feet, making the most of every cubic inch and filling every corner with elegance and charm.


The building at 4051 Aspen Grove Drive was already under construction but not originally designed with a tenant in mind, allowing for owner/architect/contractor collaboration. Planning the space at that stage of development allowed for some custom-built details, including installing an intricate wood inlay design in the concrete floors and creating a back-bar display that stored at least 100 unique bottles of wine—fulfilling the promise found in the wine bar’s name. Efficiently mapped out rooftop and patio spaces resulted in ample—and Instagrammable—outdoor seating.

Meet the Team Behind the Design.

Jamie Warner


Tyler Thayer